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Steering and vibration complaints are not always the resultof improper alignment. One possible cause is wheel and tireimbalance. Another possibility is tire lead due to worn orimproperly manufactured tires. Lead/pull is defined as follows: Ata constant highway speed on a typical straight road, lead/pull isthe amount of effort required at the steering wheel to maintain thevehicle's straight path. Lead is the vehicle deviation from astraight path on a level road without pressure on the steeringwheel. Refer toRadial Tire Lead/Pull Correctionin order to determine if thevehicle has a tire lead problem.

Before performing any adjustment affecting wheel alignment,perform the following inspections in order to ensure correctalignment readings:

Inspect for visuable damage to the suspension components andreplace as necessary.Inspect the tires for the proper inflation and irregular tirewear. Refer toVehicle Certification, Tire Placard, Anti-Theft, and Service Parts ID LabelandTire Diagnosis - Irregular or Premature Wear.Inspect the runout of the wheels and the tires. Refer toWheel Mounting Surface Check.Inspect the wheel bearings for backlash and excessive play.Refer toWheel Bearings Diagnosis.Inspect the ball joints for looseness or wear.Inspect the tie rod ends for looseness or wear.Inspect the control arms and stabilizer shaft for loosenessor wear.Inspect the steering gear for looseness at the frame. RefertoFastener Tightening Specifications.Inspect the struts/shock absorbers for wear, leaks, and anynoticeable noises. Refer toSuspension Strut and Shock Absorber Testing - On Vehicle.Inspect the vehicle trim height. Refer toTrim Height Inspection.Inspect the steering wheel for excessive drag or poor returndue to stiff or rusted linkage or suspension components.Inspect the fuel level. The fuel tank should be full or thevehicle should have a compensating load added.

Give consideration to excess loads, such as tool boxes,sample cases, etc. If normally carried in the vehicle, these itemsshould remain in the vehicle during alignment adjustments. Giveconsideration also to the condition of the equipment being used forthe alignment. Follow the equipment manufacturer'sinstructions.

Satisfactory vehicle operation may occur over a wide range ofalignment settings. However, if the setting exceeds the serviceallowable specifications, correct the alignment to the servicepreferred specifications. Refer toWheel Alignment Specifications.

Perform the following steps in order to measure the front andrear alignment angles:

Install the alignment equipment according to themanufacturer's instructions.Jounce the front and the rear bumpers 3-timesprior to checking the wheel alignment.Measure the alignment angles and record the readings.


Record the “Before” and“After” alignment measurements.When performing adjustments to vehicles requiring a4-wheel alignment, set the rear toe adjustment first inorder to obtain proper front alignment angles.The rear camber and caster is not adjustable.Adjust alignment angles to vehicle specification, ifnecessary. Refer toWheel Alignment Specifications.
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