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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Terminal Removal

Special ToolsEL-38125-550 Terminal Release Tool KitEL-38125-580 Terminal Release Tool KitEL-35616 Terminal Test Probe Kit

For equivalent regional tools, refer toSpecial Tools.

Note:All repairs near the engine manifold, turbo engine and all exhaust pipes should followthe High Temperature Wiring Repair procedures.

Find the appropriate connector end view within the connector end view section. Theconnector end view has the following information:Diagnostic probe toolTerminal release toolTerminal/terminated lead part numbers

Note:Not using the proper test kit probe may cause damage to the terminal(s) that are probed.

Determine if a terminal is damaged.Locate the diagnostic probe tool from the connector end view. The connector end viewdescribes the color and part number to help the technician find and use the correcttool.Connect the probe tool to the Digital Multimeter.Insert the probe tool into the cavity and follow the procedures from theTroubleshooting with a Digital Multimeter.Disconnect the connector body to perform the repair.Use the following procedure to remove the terminal from the connector body.

Note:Several procedures for specific connector bodies are called out in the Wiring Repairssection.

The terminal position assurance (TPA) and connector position assurance (CPA) shouldbe removed before releasing the terminal for the connector body.Look at the connector end view to locate the cavity of the damaged terminal and findthe proper terminal release tool from the terminal release tool kit.

Note:Using the incorrect terminal release tool can damage the connector body.

Note:Some terminals have a lever that must be disengaged before the terminal can be released.

Insert the terminal release tool into the cavity.

Terminal Removal

Gently pull the wire out of the back of the connector.Repair the terminal by following theRepairing Connector Terminalsprocedure.Insert the repaired terminal back into the cavity. Repeat the diagnostic procedureto verify the repair and reconnect the connector bodies.

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