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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Steering Column Replacement Steering Wheel and Column

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Steering Column Replacement Steering Wheel and Column

Steering Column Replacement


Component Name

Caution:With wheels of the vehicle facing straight ahead, secure thesteering wheel utilizing steering column anti-rotation pin,steering column lock, or a strap to prevent rotation. Locking ofthe steering column will prevent damage and a possible malfunctionof the SIR system. The steering wheel must be secured in positionbefore disconnecting the following components:

The steering columnThe steering shaft couplingThe intermediate shaft(s)

After disconnecting these components, do not rotate thesteering wheel or move the front tires and wheels. Failure tofollow this procedure may cause the SIR coil assembly to becomeun-centered and cause possible damage to the SIR coil. If you thinkthe SIR coil has became un-centered, refer to your specific SIRcoil’s centering procedure to re-center SIR Coil.

Preliminary ProcedureDisable the supplemental inflatable restraint system. RefertoSIR Disabling and Enabling.Remove the steering column shroud. Refer toSteering Column Shroud Replacement.With the front wheels in the straight ahead position, turnthe ignition switch to the OFF position and remove the key from theignition lock cylinder.Rotate the steering wheel in order to lock the steeringcolumn.Remove the left instrument panel insulator panel. Refer toInstrument Panel Insulator Panel Replacement - Left Side.Remove the driver knee bolster reinforcement. Refer toDriver Knee Bolster Reinforcement Replacement.Use paint in order to place match marks on the steeringcolumn shaft and on the intermediate steering shaft.Disconnect the intermediate steering shaft from the steeringcolumn. Refer toIntermediate Steering Shaft Replacement.


Steering Column Nut (Qty: 4)

Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.




Steering Column

Caution:Once the steering column is removed from the vehicle, thecolumn is extremely susceptible to damage. Dropping the columnassembly on the end could collapse the steering shaft or loosen theplastic injections, which maintain column rigidity. Leaning on thecolumn assembly could cause the jacket to bend or deform. Any ofthe above damage could impair the columns collapsible design. DoNOT hammer on the end of the shaft, because hammering could loosenthe plastic injections, which maintain column rigidity. If you needto remove the steering wheel, refer to the Steering WheelReplacement procedure in this section.

ProcedureDisconnect any electrical connectors as necessary.Transfer any parts as necessary.If you are replacing the steering column, copy the matchmarks from the old steering column to the new steeringcolumn.After installation, center the steering angle sensor. RefertoSteering Angle Sensor Centering.
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Steering Column Shroud Replacement Steering Wheel and Column
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