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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Side Door Sill Trim Plate Package Installation Doors

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Doors and Enclosures / Side Door Sill Trim Plate Package Installation Doors

Installation Instructions Part Number


Kit Contents




Left Front Side Door Sill Trim Plate Assembly


Right Front Side Door Sill Trim Plate Assembly


Tie Straps


Wire Harness


Installation Instructions

ProcedureOpen the front doors of the vehicle and move the front seats to the most rearwardposition.

Side Door Sill Trim Plate Package Installation Doors

Grab the back end of the existing left front (1) and right front (4) side door silltrim plates, lift up trim side door sill trim plates in order to release the clips(2), (3) and remove from vehicle.

Note:Check both side sill areas for an existing mating connector to the illuminated silltrim plates. If the connectors are present, plug in the sill trim plates and checkfor proper operation. If the connectors are not present, proceed with the installationand continue to install the accessory wiring harness.

Remove the left and right front floor console extension panels. Refer to Vehicle ServiceManual.Remove the left instrument panel insulator. Refer to Vehicle Service Manual.Start the wire harness routing by installing the M6 stud clip onto the top mountingstud for the park brake assembly. The short length routes rearward, and the longerlength and multiple take-outs route forward. Route the wiring from the stud clip highabove the parking brake and away from any moving mechanism. Secure with a tie strapin a later step.Route the wire harness across the vehicle, toward the passenger sill plate, near thetop edge of the carpet.To cross the center console, route rearward (in car position) of the heater duct.The wire routing from the stud clip to the drivers sill should be between the shoddypad and the sheet metal.Remove the ground nut just forward of the park brake. Install the accessory groundeyelet, reinstall and tighten the ground nut to 9 N.m (6.6 lb ft) using a 10 mm socket.Locate the BCM connector #7 which is grey, and located towards the front of the BCM.3261224

Locate circuit 157 which is also grey, located in BCM connector #7, pin#1.Extract terminal 1 from BCM connector 7. Plug in the terminal from the accessory wiringharness into the vacated cavity 1 of connector 7.Cut the terminal off the extracted wire and splice it to the accessory wiring harnessusing the attached crimp splice.Use a heat gun to shrink both sides of the crimp splice, sealing the joint.Position the wiring across the vehicle, between the carpet and the carpet paddingbelow it.

Side Door Sill Trim Plate Package Installation Doors

Connect the front side door sill trim plate harness connector (5) to the power supplyconnector (4) into the new front side door sill trim plates (1). Do not fully install the sill trim plates yet.Secure the wiring to the vehicle using the eight included tie straps.Secure the wiring to the carpet padding below the steering column shaft with masticpatch P/N 11515160.Close all doors to reset the lighting timeout.Open one door at a time and confirm that the sill plates illuminate with the vehicleinterior lighting.Position the new left front side door sill trim plate (1) to the vehicle.Align the front side door sill trim plate in the forward position and push forwarduntil front clips (3) snaps into place.Align the remaining two attachment clips (2) of the new front side door sill trimplate with the inserts. Press down firmly to snap into place.Reinstall all previously removed trim panels.Verify that no wiring is visible or interfering with anything.

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