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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Shutter System

Shutter System

The vehicle may have a shutter system designed to help increase fuel economy. Keep the shutter system clean for proper operation.

Windshield and Wiper Blades

Clean the outside of the windshield with glass cleaner.

Clean rubber blades using a lint-free cloth or paper towel soaked with windshield washer fluid or a mild detergent. Wash the windshield thoroughly when cleaning the blades. Bugs, road grime, sap, and a buildup of vehicle wash/wax treatments may cause wiper streaking.

Replace the wiper blades if they are worn or damaged. Damage can be caused by extreme dusty conditions, sand, salt, heat, sun, snow, and ice.


Apply Dielectric silicone grease on weatherstrips to make them last longer, seal better, and not stick or squeak. Lubricate weatherstrips at least once a year. Hot, dry climates may require more frequent application. Black marks from rubber material on painted surfaces can be removed by rubbing with a clean cloth. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants.


Use a stiff brush with tire cleaner to clean the tires.

Caution Using petroleum-based tire dressing products on the vehicle may damage the paint finish and/ or tires. When applying a tire dressing, always wipe off any overspray from all painted surfaces on the vehicle.
Cleaning Exterior Lamps/ Lenses, Emblems, Decals, and Stripes
Use only lukewarm or cold water, a soft cloth, and a car washing soap to clean exterior lamps, lenses, emblems, decals, and stripes. Follow instructions under "Washing the Vehicle" pr ...

Wheels and Trim-Aluminum or Chrome
Use a soft, clean cloth with mild soap and water to clean the wheels. After rinsing thoroughly with clean water, dry with a soft, clean towel. A wax may then be applied. Caution Chr ...

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