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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Retained Accessory Power Description and Operation Accessory Outlets

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Body Electrical / Retained Accessory Power Description and Operation Accessory Outlets

Retained Accessory PowerRAP Description and Operation Block Diagram

K9Body Control ModuleK73Telematics Communication Interface Control ModuleA11RadioKR76Retained Accessory Power RelayHard-Wired

Serial Data

K9-Body Control Module

K73-Telematics Communication Interface Control Module


KR76-Retained Accessory Power Relay

The body control module (BCM) monitors the ignition switch position, battery condition,and each door ajar/open switch status to determine whether the retained accessorypower should be initiated or terminated. Retained accessory power is controlled bytwo different methods; relay control and serial data. Some modules receive a retainedaccessory power message from the BCM over the serial data circuits. Serial data controlledretainedaccessory power is deactivated as required by their modules retained accessory powermode operation. Other subsystems are activated directly by the BCM through a relay.Components and systems that are active in retained accessory power are also activatedanytime the ignition is any position other than OFF regardless of the door switchsignals.

Relay Controlled Retained Accessory Power

The BCM keeps the relay energized during all power modes, except Off-Awake and Crank.The relay is also energized for approximately 10 minutes after shutting the ignitionOFF and removing the key, providing no door is opened.

Relay controlled retained accessory power will end when one of the following conditionsis met:

The BCM receives an input from any door ajar or open switch indicating the openingof any door after the ignition key is out of the ignition.

Note:If the BCM is receiving any door ajar or open signal from those switches when theignition key is turned OFF, retained accessory power will not initiate.

The BCM internal timer for the retained accessory power expires after approximately10 minutes.The BCM detects a decrease in battery capacity below a prescribed limit.

Systems powered by the retained accessory power relay during the retained accessorypower mode are as follows:

Note:The vehicle may not be equipped with all components as listed below.

Accessory Power ReceptacleCigarette Lighter ReceptacleWindow SwitchesSunroof Control ModuleSunroof SwitchMobile Device Wireless Charger ModuleMobile Telephone Control ModuleTraffic Data ReceiverTransmission Shift Lever Position Indicator (w/floor mounted console gear shift)Seat Heating Control ModuleSerial Data Controlled Retained Accessory Power

Retained accessory power systems controlled by serial data are as follows:


Radio retained accessory power activation / termination is the same as relay operationwith one exception; the only door switch that will turn off the radio during retainedaccessory power is the driver door open switch.

Vehicle Communication Interface Module (VCIM) (OnstarĀ®) (If Equipped)

VCIM RAP activation/termination is the same as radio operation with 1 exception; ifthere is an active call when the ignition key is turned off the VCIM will remain inRAP mode, and keep the radio in RAP mode until the call is terminated.

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