Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Reporting Safety Defects

Radio Frequency Statement
This vehicle has systems that operate on a radio frequency that complies with Part 15/Part 18 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and with Industry Canada Standards RSS-GEN/210/ ...

Reporting Safety Defects to the United States Government
If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) i ...

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Power Steering Pump Pulley Replacement Hydraulic Steering Steering Pump
Power Steering Pump Pulley ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProcedureRemove the power steering pump. Refer toPower Steering Pump Replacement.1Power Steering Pump PulleyProcedureUse theJ-25034-CRemoverin order to remove the power steering pump pulley.Use theJ-25033-CInstallerin order to in ...

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