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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Rear Side Door Adjustment Panels

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Rear Side Door Adjustment Panels

Rear Side Door Adjustment Panels

Warning:In order to prevent SIR deployment, personal injury, orunnecessary SIR system repairs, do not strike the door or the doorpillar in the area of the side impact sensor (SIS). Turn OFF theignition and remove the key when performing service in the area ofthe SIS.

Remove the door striker. Refer toRear Side Door Lock Striker Replacement.For up, down, forward, or rearward adjustment, loosen thehinge to hinge pillar bolts.Move the door within the door opening to achieve the bestalignment and operation.

Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.

Tighten all of the hinge fasteners that were loosened.


Tighten the hinge to body bolts to36-Y(27-lb-ft).Install the striker to the approximate properposition.Adjust the door striker. Refer toRear Side Door Lock Striker Adjustment.Inspect the door weatherstrips for proper fit.

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