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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Rear Compartment Fuse Block

Rear Compartment Fuse Block

The rear compartment fuse block is behind a trim panel on the driver side of the rear compartment.

Rear Compartment Fuse Block

Remove the trim plate to access the fuse block.

The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses and relays shown.

Rear Compartment Fuse Block




Exhaust fuel heater
F2 Liftgate
F3 Trailer auxiliary power
F4 Power seats
F5 Memory seat module
F6 Sunroof
F7 Side blind zone alert
F8 Trailer reverse lamps
F9 Rear heated seat 1
F10 Parking assist
F11 Rear heated seat 2


F13 Trailer parking lamp
F14 Right trailer turn signal lamp
F15 Left parking lamp
F16 Right parking lamp


F18 Left trailer turn signal lamp
F19 All-wheel drive
F20 Lumbar
F21 Rear auxiliary power outlet
F22 Rear all-wheel drive





Right trailer stoplamp/Turn signal lamp
K2 Trailer reverse lamps
K3 Left trailer stoplamp/Turn signal lamp
K4 Park
K5 Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) - (diesel only)
Instrument Panel Fuse Block
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