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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Power Door Locks Description and Operation Doors

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Doors and Enclosures / Power Door Locks Description and Operation Doors

Door Lock System Components

The power door lock system consists of the following components:

Central door lock switch (Located with the Radio/HVAC controls)Driver door lock switchPassenger door lock switchChild door lockout switch (Located with the Radio/HVAC controls)Door lock actuators in each of the doorsBody control module (BCM)Underhood fuse block (Contains door lock PCB relay)K9Body Control ModuleS13DDoor Lock Switch - DriverA20Radio/HVAC ControlsS13PDoor Lock Switch - PassengerA23DDoor Latch Assembly - DriverA23PDoor Latch Assembly - PassengerA23LRDoor Latch Assembly - Left RearA23RRDoor Latch Assembly - Right Rear

Door Lock System Controls

The power door lock system can be controlled by any of the following:

A door lock switch LOCK or UNLOCK activationA mechanical key cylinder lock/unlockA keyless entry transmitter activationAn automatic door lock activationAn automatic door unlock activationDoor Lock Operation

When a door lock switch is activated in the lock or unlock position the BCM will receivea ground signal on either the door lock switch lock or unlock signal circuits.

The BCM, upon receipt of a lock switch lock or unlock signal, will supply voltageto the door lock actuator lock or unlock control circuits. Since the opposite sideof the lock actuator is connected to ground through the other lock actuator controlcircuit, the doors will then lock or unlock as commanded.

The following three circuits are used to operate the lock:

Driver door unlockPassenger door unlockAll door lockChild Security Lockout Operation

The child door lockout switch on the center console controls the child locks on therear doors. The lockout switch is an input to the BCM and the BCM controls the doorlock security relay. When the BCM receives a command from the child door lockout switch,it will apply voltage to the door lock security relay coil, this will energize therelay and the contact within the relay will then direct the voltage to activate theleft rear andright rear child locks and then isolate them from the normal door lock system to preventthe rear doors from being opened by using the interior rear door handles. An indicatorwill also illuminate to alert the driver that the child lockout system has been activated.Pushing the switch again will return normal function to the rear interior door handlesand the indicator will go out.

If the lockout indicator flashes while commanding the lockout system, indicates thatthe BCM has detected a fault in the system and that one or both interior rear doorhandles may not be locked out.

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