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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: OnStar

Infotainment System
If the vehicle is equipped with a navigation system as part of the infotainment system, use of the system may result in the storage of destinations, addresses, telephone numbers, and other trip i ...

OnStar Overview
Voice Command Button Blue OnStar Button Red Emergency Button This vehicle may be equipped with a comprehensive, in-vehicle system that can connect to an OnStar Advisor for Emergency, Secu ...

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Rear Seat Recliner Inner Finish Cover Replacement Seats Rear
Rear Seat Recliner Inner Finish Cover ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Rear Seat Recliner Inner Finish CoverProcedureTilt and pull forward at the top of the finish cover torelease the clip retainer.Then gently slide the cover forward and up to remove it fromthe seat cushions. ...

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