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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Object Detection Description and Operation (Rear Vision Camera, UVC)

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Rear Vision Camera System Operation

The rear vision camera system consists of a video camera located at the rear of thevehicle and the radio.

When the transmission is placed into REVERSE, a 12-volt signal is sent to the rearvision camera by the body control module (BCM). This signal indicates to the camerathat the vehicle is in reverse and image display is requested. The rear vision camerareceives ignition voltage and a constant ground to power the camera. Video signal+ and video signal – circuits carry the video image from the rear vision camera tothe radio. Additionally,the video signal circuits are shielded to prevent any interference which may leadto a loss of video signal resolution and a degraded video image. The shield is provideda ground path by the rear vision camera.

The following conditions may cause a degraded rear vision camera image:

Ice, snow, or mud has built up on the rear vision cameraDark conditionsExtreme light conditions, such as glare from the sun or the headlights of anothervehicleDamage to the rear of the vehicleExtreme high temperatures or extreme temperature changes

If a malfunction is detected in the system, Service Rear Vision Camera may be displayedon the navigation radio as an indicator to the customer that a problem exists thatrequires service.

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