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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Metal Panel Bonding

This is intended to provide general guidelines for adhesivebonding of exterior panels as an alternative to Metal-Inert Gas(MIG) welding. Panel bonding may be seen as an alternative to MIGwelding to provide full panel replacement in regards to collisionrepair procedures. The benefits of panel bonding is:

No heat or burn damage when additional welding is notrequiredCorrosion protectionCan act as a sealantImproved process for complicated shapes (wheelhousearea)

The General Motors specification for metal bonding adhesivesis GM-6449G. The scope of this specification is intendedto provide the performance guidelines of structural adhesivesystems used to repair (metallic) automotive bodies in theaftermarket. These types of adhesives are intended for use whenbonding replacement body panels as an option to welding as theattachment means. GM information outlines the use of roomtemperature cure acrylic adhesives that contain glass beadtechnology.

Bonding procedures in general are applicable only to afactory seams type approach.

Sectioning or partial paneling of full panels is notsupported by General Motors unless specifically documented in aService Bulletin or Manual.

Applicable components for this technology are EXTERIOR PANELSONLY, including door skins, tail panels, roof outer panels andquarter panels.

Important:Do not use adhesives for vehicle underbody or upper bodystructure type repairs such as structural rails, shock/struttowers, floor pans, upper fender rails, body side pillars, doorrings—side or rear, rocker panels, unless specificallydocumented in a GM Service Bulletin or Manual. If in doubt, useonly the procedures referenced in the Service Manual for thespecific vehicle being repaired.

Always follow the system manufacturer's instructions forapplication, handling, and curing.

Adhesives currently meeting the performance requirementsinclude General Motors materials and products manufactured by LordAdhesives. At this time, ONLY the adhesive products listed belowmeet this guideline:

Metal Panel Bonding

Manufacturer and Part Number


GM P/N-12378566 (US)

Fast Set Panel Bonding Adhesive

GM P/N-88901674 (Canada)

Lord Fusor P/N-110B/111B

GM P/N-12378567 (US)

Medium Set Panel Bonding Adhesive

GM P/N-88901675 (Canada)

Lord Fusor P/N-108B/109B

3M P/N-8116

Panel Bonding Adhesive

Ashland Plio Grip Panel 60

Panel Bonding Adhesive

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