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How to Identify Plastic Parts


Plastic parts can be identified by the SAE code, which isusually found on the rear of the part, and/or by thecharacteristics of the plastic. Knowing the type of plastic aids inselecting the proper repair materials and in selecting the properrepair procedure.

Look for the SAE code stamped into the part.

Code Found

Match the code to those in the plastic identification chartto determine whether the plastic is thermoplastic or thermosetplastic, and whether the plastic is rigid or flexible. Refer toPlastic Identification and Refinishing Systems.

No Code Found

Warning:Do NOT use a plastic burn test to distinguish the type ofplastic. The burn test produces vapors which are harmful.

Perform one or both of the following tests to determine ifthe part is thermoplastic polyolefin or thermosetnon-polyolefin.

Float TestCut a shaving of plastic from the back of the part.

The shaving should be free of mold release agents andpaint.

Place the shaving in a container of water.Thermoplastic polyolefin floats.Thermoset non-polyolefin sinks.Abrasion TestSand a spot near the damaged area with Grade-36Roloc Disc.Thermoplastic polyolefin material melts or frays whensanded.Thermoset non-polyolefin material sands cleanly.

Thermoplastic and thermoset plastics can be either rigid orflexible. Thermoplastic plastic parts are best repaired with a hotiron plastic material-feed welder, but are usually replaced.Thermoset plastic can be repaired with epoxy or other more rigid 2package repair material.

For rigid thermoset repair materials, refer toRigid Plastic Part Repair Materials.For flexible thermoset repair materials, refer toFlexible Plastic Part Repair Materials.For general repair instructions, refer toGeneral Plastic Repair.
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