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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Headlining Trim Panel Replacement Trim Panels/Welts

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Headlining Trim Panel Replacement Trim Panels/Welts

Headlining Trim Panel Replacement


Component Name

Warning:Do not attempt to repair or alter the head impactenergy-absorbing material glued to the headliner or to the garnishtrims. If the material is damaged, replace the headliner and/or thegarnish trim. Failure to do so could result in personalinjury.

Caution:Use care when working around the head curtain inflatormodule. Sharp tools may puncture the curtain airbag. If the headcurtain inflator module is damaged in any way, it must bereplaced.

Caution:If a vehicle is equipped with a head curtain inflator moduleensure that the inflator module and tether are undamaged. If tetheror curtain airbag are damaged in any way, they must bereplaced.

Preliminary ProceduresDisable the roof rail SIR system. Refer toSIR Disabling and Enabling.Remove the windshield side garnish molding. Refer toWindshield Side Garnish Molding Replacement.Remove the sunshade supports. Refer toSunshade Support Replacement.Remove the sunshade assembly . Refer toSunshade Replacement.Remove the roof rail front assist handle assembly. Refer toRoof Rail Front Assist Handle Replacement.Remove the roof rail rear assist handle assembly. Refer toRoof Rail Rear Assist Handle Replacement.Remove the roof console assembly. Refer toRoof Console Replacement.Remove the center pillar upper trim panel. Refer toCenter Pillar Upper Trim Panel Replacement.Remove the quarter window trim finish panel. Refer toQuarter Window Trim Finish Panel Replacement.Remove the coat hook assembly. Refer toCoat Hook Replacement


Headliner Trim Panel Assembly

ProcedurePrior to removal, note the routing of the wire harness to aidin reassembly and to ensure proper installation.Disconnect the electrical connectors.If replacing the headliner assembly, transfer all necessarycomponents.Ensure weather-strips are properly positioned once headlineris in place.

Tip:When installing a new headliner, tape any unused connector tothe headliner with a high adhesive tape.

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