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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Garage Door Opener Description and Operation

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The garage door opener is fixed and rolling code capable.Rolling code is a system that allows the code that the customersreceiver receives from the garage door opener to change every timethe garage door opener is used within operating range of thereceiver. Rolling code programming requires the customer to push alearn/program button on the garage door opener receiver at theirhome. This button is usually located on the receiver unit under acover (light cover) on one end of the unit. The customer mustfollow the garage door opener manufacturers instructions toprogram/learn the receiver to accept the Universal Home RemoteSystem as an authorized opener for their unit . When the receiverand the garage door opener are initially programmed together, acode is established and a new code is created for every newtransmission. The software in the receiver recognizes the garagedoor opener and accepts the new code.

The garage door opener is compatible with most, but not alltypes and brands of transmitters.

The garage door opener is a transmitter operating between288–434-MHz. The power and range of thetransmitter is limited to comply with laws governing the generationof radio frequency interference. The transmitter is programmed bythe user to accept the signal generated by the user'stransmitters.

The garage door opener has 3 buttons that may be programmedfor individual transmitter/receiver combinations to control up to 3garage door openers, security gates, lighting systems, etc. Eachbutton represents a transmitter code section of the transmitter,which operates separately from any other button, and may beconsidered a separate transmitter. Operation consists of simplypressing a button to activate the corresponding transmitter.

Garage Door Opener Programming and Setup
Replace and Program ECU or Reprogram ECUThis ECU does not require SPS programming but does requirethe following setup procedures after a new ECU is installed:The customer must learn the device they wi ...

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