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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Fuel System Cleaning Engine Control

Note:When flushing the fuel tank, treat the fuel and water mixtureas a hazardous material. Handle the material in accordance with alllocal, state and federal laws and regulations.

Note:Whenever the fuel tank is cleaned, inspect the fuel pump fuelstrainer. If the fuel pump fuel strainer is contaminated, replacethe fuel pump fuel strainer and inspect the fuel pump.

Note:Always maintain cleanliness when servicing fuel systemcomponents.

Remove the fuel tank fuel pump modules. Refer toFuel Tank Fuel Pump Module Replacement, andFuel Tank Fuel Pump Module Replacement - Secondary.Inspect the fuel pump inlet for dirt and debris. If dirt anddebris are found, replace the fuel pump.Flush fuel tank with hot water.Pour the water out of the fuel sender assembly opening in thefuel tank. Rock the fuel tank in order to ensure that the removalof the water from the fuel tank is complete.Allow tank to dry completely before reassembly.Install the fuel tank fuel pump module. Refer toFuel Tank Fuel Pump Module Replacement.
Throttle Body Inspection and Cleaning Engine Control Air Metering/Acceleration Throttle
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Spark Plug Replacement Engine Control
Removal ProcedureCaution:This engine has aluminum cylinder heads. Do not remove thespark plugs from a hot engine, allow it to cool first. Removing thespark plugs from a hot engine may cause spark plug ...

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