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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Exhaust System Description Exhaust

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Exhaust System Description Exhaust

Note:Use of non-OEM parts may cause driveability concerns.

The exhaust system carries exhaust gases, treated by thecatalytic converter, through a resonator, if applicable and intothe exhaust muffler where exhaust noise is lessened.

In order to secure the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold,a flange and seal-joint coupling is utilized. The exhaust systemmay utilize a slip-joint coupling design with a clamp and a U-boltor a flange connection with a gasket.

Exhaust hangers and rubber insulators help to support theweight of the exhaust pipe along with insulating any exhaust systemvibration, rattle, or noise.

Exhaust hangers also space the exhaust system away from theunderbody of the vehicle and allows the exhaust system to expand asthe exhaust system warms up.

Exhaust heat shields are used to protect the body and othercomponents from damage due to the heat from the exhaustsystem.

The exhaust system may be comprised of the followingcomponents:

Exhaust manifoldExhaust pipesCatalytic convertersExhaust mufflerExhaust resonator, if equippedExhaust tail pipe, if equippedExhaust hangersExhaust heat shieldsResonator

Some exhaust systems are equipped with a resonator. Theresonator, located either before or after the muffler, allows theuse of mufflers with less back pressure. Resonators are used whenvehicle characteristics require specific exhaust tuning.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is an emission control device used toreduce hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and oxides ofnitrogen (NOx) pollutants from the exhaust gas.

The catalytic converter is comprised of a ceramic monolithsubstrate, supported in insulation and housed within a sheet metalshell. The substrate may be washcoated with 3 noble metals:

Platium (Pt)Palladium (Pd)Rhodium (Rh)

The catalyst in the catalytic converter is notserviceable.


The exhaust muffler reduces the noise levels of the engineexhaust by the use of tuning tubes. The tuning tubes createchannels inside the exhaust muffler that lower the sound levelscreated by the combustion of the engine.

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