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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Environmental Fallout (Acid Rain) Emblems/Decals/Paint

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Environmental Fallout (Acid Rain) Emblems/Decals/Paint

Caution:Refer toClearcoat/Ultraviolet Screeners Caution.

Note:Always refer to the manufacturer's packaged instructions forthe detailed procedures of materials used for compounding and/orpolishing.

Since the severity of the condition varies from area to area,proper diagnosis of the contamination extent is critical to thesuccess of the repairs. Perform the diagnosis under high intensityfluorescent lighting on the horizontal surfaces (hood, roof panel,rear compartment lid), after the surfaces have been properlycleaned by washing the vehicle with GM-Wash and WaxGM-P/N-1237841(Canadian-P/N-10953203), orequivalent.

There are 3-basic types of acid raindamage:

Surface Level Contamination

May be repaired by simply washing the vehicle, cleaning thesurface with a silicone wax and grease remover, neutralizing acidicresidue, and finesse polishing—Refer to Surface LevelContamination Repair.

Clearcoat Etching

Slight etching is still noticeable after the above washingand finesse polishing procedure. Refer to Slight Clearcoat Damage– Wet Sanding, Finesse Polishing.

Basecoat Etching

Severe etching beyond the clearcoat into the basecoat in theaffected areas will require refinishing. Refer toBasecoat/Clearcoat Paint Systems.

Surface Level Contamination RepairThoroughly wash and dry the contaminated area withGM-Wash and Wax GM-P/N-1237841(Canadian-P/N-10953203), orequivalent.Clean the affected area with silicone, wax and greaseremover.Remove and neutralize acidic residue by cleaning thecontaminated areas with a mixture of baking soda and water(1-tablespoon of baking soda per 1-liter or1-quart of water). Rinse thoroughly and dry the panelcompletely.Apply finesse-type polish with a foam panel. If damage hasbeen repaired, remove any swirl marks with a dual action orbitalpolisher and foam pad. Refer toClearcoat Repair Specifications - 3M Products.If some damage remains, refer to Slight Clearcoat Damage– Wet Sanding, Finesse Polishing.Slight Clearcoat Damage – Wet Sanding, FinessePolishingSelect a small contaminated test area.Film thickness should be taken prior to the sanding andpolishing. Refer toPaint Gauges.Wet sand and finesse polish the contaminated test area. RefertoClearcoat Repair Specifications - 3M Products. If during the polishingyou suspect or observe that etching has penetrated into thebasecoat, too much clearcoat has been removed during sanding, orbase color is transferred to the polishing pad during polishing,then the affected areas will require refinishing. Refer toBasecoat/Clearcoat Paint Systems.
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