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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Driver Information Center (DIC) Description and Operation Gauges

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In the lower middle of the instrument cluster, an additionaldisplay is installed. Its task is to give additional information,such as an odometer, select gear or error codes/warning messages.Refer toIndicator/Warning Message Description and Operation. Use the driver informationcenter buttons located in the center of the instrument panel toaccess different displays.

There are 4 switch functions for the driver informationcenter.

MenuUpDownSet/CLRDriver Information Center Buttons

The Menu switch is used to navigate between the VehicleInformation Menu and the Trip/Fuel Information Menu. Use the Up andDown buttons to scroll through the following items in each menu.vehicle parameters by successive pressing of the Set/CLR button.Use the Set/CLR button to set or clear the menu item when it isdisplayed.

Trip/Fuel Information MenuTrip1Trip2Fuel RangeAverage Fuel EconomyInstantaneous Fuel EconomyAverage Vehicle SpeedTimerDigital SpeedometerNavigation Turn-by-TurnBlankVehicle Information MenuUnits MenuTire Pressure MenuRemaining Oil LifeLanguageBlankTrip 1/2

The trip odometer 1 or 2 can be accessed through the driverinformation center switch Up/Down function. The trip odometer canbe reset to zero by pressing the trip reset stem or while the tripodometer display is showing.

Trip Display

Driver Information Center Trip Display













Fuel Range

This message indicates the estimated distance that thevehicle can travel under the current fuel economy and fuel levelconditions since the last battery connection to the instrumentcluster. Fuel Range is calculated using the equation: Fuel Range =Range Distance/Range Fuel Used.

Range Distance = The accumulated distance travelled since thelast reset of this value.Fuel Used = The accumulated fuel delivered since the lastreset of this value.

The engine control module-(ECM) sends the fuelrange value to the instrument cluster. The instrument clusterreceives a GMLAN message with fuel information. The fuel rangevalue is retained during ignition OFF and can be changed betweenEurope-SI, USA and GB units by accessing the driverinformation center Units menu. The Fuel Range display cannot bereset. LOW is displayed when fuel range is below a predeterminedvalue.

Average Fuel Economy

Average fuel economy is calculated using the equation:Average Fuel Economy = Distance/Fuel.

Distance = The accumulated distance travelled since the lastreset of this value.Fuel = The accumulated fuel consumption since the last resetof this value.

The ECM sends the average fuel economy GMLAN message to theinstrument cluster. The value of this mode is retained duringignition OFF and can be changed between English units and metricunits by selecting from the driver information center optionsmenu.

Instantaneous Fuel Economy

The ECM sends the instantaneous fuel economy GMLAN message tothe instrument cluster. The value of this mode can be changedbetween English units and metric units by selecting from the driverinformation center options menu.

Average Vehicle Speed

Average speed is calculated using the equation: Average Speed= Average Speed Distance/Average Speed Time.

Distance = The accumulated distance travelled since the lastreset of this value.Ignition ON = The accumulated ignition on time since the lastreset of this value.

Outside Air Temperature

The outside air temperature can be accessed through thedriver information center Trip/Fuel switch function. The driverinformation center shows the outside air temperature as a dampedvalue. The time and rate of the temperature update is based on analgorithm in the instrument cluster. Factors such as lasttemperature reading, current temperature reading, length of timethe vehicle was off, current vehicle speed, and the distance driveneffect when the displayed temperature is updated. To get thevehicle to display the most accurate temperature faster, drive thevehicle. Constant moving traffic will update the display to thecorrect temperature more quickly than stop and go traffic.


The timer records elapsed time starting from activation. Whenthe driver information center displays the timer, pressing theSet/Reset switch for longer than 1-s the driverinformation center resets the timer. Pressing the Set/Reset buttonon the driver information center switch for approximately1-s starts and stops the timer. The driver informationcenter displays the timer in one of the following formats:

The driver information center displays the timer in thefollowing format: XX: XX:XX:

The first XX represents hours elapsed, the second XXrepresents minutes elapsed, and the third XX represents secondselapsed. The maximum range of the timer is 99-h,59-min, and 59-s. After the maximum range isreached, the timer displays zeros in all positions.(00:00:00).

Digital Speedometer

The speedometer shows how fast the vehicle is moving ineither kilometers per hour-(km/h) or miles perhour-(MPH). The speedometer cannot be reset.


This display is used for the Navigation System Turn-by-Turnguidance. See the Navigation manual, if the vehicle has navigation,for more information.


The vehicle may have a compass display on the driverinformation center. The compass receives its heading and otherinformation from the global positioning system (GPS) antenna. Ifapplicable, the GPS antenna is located with the telematicscommunication interface control module. For GPS diagnosticinformation refer toNo Global Positioning System (GPS) Reception.

Units Menu

The unit mode is used to toggle between Europe-SI,USA and GB units and can be accessed through the driver informationcenter Menu switch and the driver information center Set/Resetswitch.

Tire Pressure Menu

The instrument cluster receives a GMLAN message from the tirepressure monitoring system for front and rear tire pressure data.The driver information center will display the pressure for each ofthe front and rear tires. When a tire with low air pressure ispresent, the driver information center displays a warning, CHECK XXTIRE PRESSURE.

Oil Life Remaining

The ECM sends the oil life remaining percentage to theinstrument cluster via a GMLAN message. The instrument panelcluster receives a GMLAN message indicating the engine oil liferemaining. The driver information center displays the currentpercentage of the GM Oil Life System as determined by the ECM. Whenthe oil life remaining percentage drops below 5%, the driverinformation center displays CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON. When the engineoil is changed, reset the GM Oil Life System. Refer toGM Oil Life System Resetting.


Depending on the variant, the vehicle may have a languagemenu. Press to enter the language menu. Then press or to scrollthrough the available languages when the Language display isactive. Press to confirm the setting. This will change the displayson the driver information center to the language you haveselected.

Blank Display

This display shows no information.


The instrument cluster displays the vehicle odometer in thedriver information center. The ECM send a distance rolling countmessage on GMLAN to the body control module-(BCM). TheBCM uses this information to calculate the vehicle odometer. Thisodometer value is then sent to the instrument cluster on GMLAN. Theinstrument cluster does not calculate the odometer. The odometerdisplays miles or kilometers as selected in the Units menu.

The odometer value is stored in multiple modules. Theinstrument cluster is a secondary storage module for the odometer,while the BCM is the primary storage and accumulator.

In addition to storing the odometer value for the vehicle,the instrument cluster and the BCM store the VIN. Software checksare performed to ensure these modules, and their stored odometerinformation, can not be move or transferred between differentvehicles.

If the VINs do not match, the instrument cluster will go intoan error mode and display“----”(dashes). If the VIN mismatch exists over a calibrated distance,the instrument cluster will “lock” the odometerdisplay and only show dashes, even if the VIN mismatch issubsequently correct. The only way to clear or“unlock” the instrument cluster is to perform aBCM programming event using SPS.

Gear Indication

If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission thedriver information center displays the actual gear . The instrumentcluster receives a GMLAN message with actual gear information fromthe automatic transmission module.

Park Assist Menu

If the parallel parking assistant is activate, the parallelparking assist menu is displayed in the driver information center.The driver information center displays the current state of theparallel parking assist until the instrument cluster receives amessage indicating otherwise.


The driver information center is capable of displaying indifferent languages, corresponding to the radio language settings.The instrument cluster receives a GMLAN message with languageinformation from the radio. This message is only sent one time,after a new language is selected. To set the language, see theowners manual.

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