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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Drive Belt System Description Pulleys and Belts Accessory Drive Belts

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Drive Belt System Description Pulleys and Belts Accessory Drive Belts

The drive belt system consists of the followingcomponents:

The drive beltThe drive belt tensionerThe drive belt idler pulleyThe crankshaft balancer pulleyThe accessory drive component mounting bracketsThe accessory drive componentsThe power steering pump, if belt drivenThe generatorThe A/C compressor, if equippedThe engine cooling fan, if belt drivenThe water pump, if belt drivenThe vacuum pump, if equippedThe air compressor, if equipped

The drive belt system may use one belt or two belts. Thedrive belt is thin so that it can bend backward and has severalribs to match the grooves in the pulleys. There also may be aV-belt style belt used to drive certain accessory drive components.The drive belts are made of different types of rubber (chloropreneor EPDM) and have different layers or plys containing either fibercloth or cords for reinforcement.

Both sides of the drive belt may be used to drive thedifferent accessory drive components. When the back side of thedrive belt is used to drive a pulley, the pulley is smooth.

The drive belt is pulled by the crankshaft balancer pulleyacross the accessory drive component pulleys. The spring loadeddrive belt tensioner keeps constant tension on the drive belt toprevent the drive belt from slipping. The drive belt tensioner armwill move when loads are applied to the drive belt by the accessorydrive components and the crankshaft.

The drive belt system may have an idler pulley, which is usedto add wrap to the adjacent pulleys. Some systems use an idlerpulley in place of an accessory drive component when the vehicle isnot equipped with the accessory.

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