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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Door Locks

Warning Unlocked doors can be dangerous.
  •  Passengers, especially children, can easily open the doors and fall out of a moving vehicle. The doors can be unlocked and opened while the vehicle is moving. The chance of being thrown out of the vehicle in a crash is increased if the doors are not locked. So, all passengers should wear seat belts properly and the doors should be locked whenever the vehicle is driven.
  • Young children who get into unlocked vehicles may be unable to get out. A child can be overcome by extreme heat and can suffer permanent injuries or even death from heat stroke.

    Always lock the vehicle whenever leaving it.

  •  Outsiders can easily enter through an unlocked door when you slow down or stop the vehicle. Locking the doors can help prevent this from happening.

To lock or unlock the doors from the outside:

To lock or unlock the doors from the inside:

Keyless Access

If equipped, the RKE transmitter must be within 1 m (3 ft) of the liftgate or door being opened. Press the button on the door handle to open. See "Keyless Access Operation" in Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation.

Key Cylinder Access

To access the key cylinder:

Key Cylinder Access

  1. Pull the door handle (1) to the open position.
  2.  Insert the key into the slot (3) on the bottom of the cap (2) and pry outward.
  3.  Move the cap (2) rearward and remove.
  4.  Use the key in the cylinder.

To replace the cap:

Key Cylinder Access

  1. Pull the door handle to the open position.
  2.  Insert the two tabs (6) at the back of the cap (7) between the seal (4) and the metal base (5).

Key Cylinder Access

  1. Move the cap forward and press to snap the cap in place.
  2.  Release the door handle.

Free-Turning Locks

The door lock cylinder turns freely when either the wrong key is used, or the correct key is not fully inserted. The free-turning door lock feature prevents the lock from being forced open.

To reset the lock, turn it to the vertical position with the correct key fully inserted. Remove the key and insert it again.

If this does not reset the lock, turn the key halfway around in the cylinder and repeat the reset procedure.

Remote Vehicle Start
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Power Door Locks
: Press to lock the doors. The indicator light in the switch will come on when the door is locked. : Press to unlock the doors. ...

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