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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Danger

Danger:In order to reduce the chance of death, personal injuryand/or property damage, carefully observe the instructions thatfollow:

The service manuals of General Motors are intended for use byprofessional, qualified technicians. Attempting repairs or servicewithout the appropriate training, tools, and equipment could causedeath or injury to you or others. This could also damage thevehicle, or cause the vehicle to operate improperly.

Proper vehicle service and repair are important to the safetyof the service technician and to the safe, reliable operation ofall motor vehicles. If you need to replace a part, use the samepart number or an equivalent part. Do not use a replacement part oflesser quality.

The service procedures we recommend and describe in thisservice manual are effective methods of performing service andrepair. Some of the procedures require the use of tools that aredesigned for specific purposes.

Accordingly, any person who intends to use a replacementpart, a service procedure, or a tool that is not recommended byGeneral Motors, must first establish that there is no jeopardy topersonal safety or the safe operation of the vehicle.

This manual contains various “Dangers”,“Warnings” and “Cautions”that you must observe carefully in order to reduce the risk ofpersonal injury during service or repair. Improper service orrepair may damage the vehicle or render the vehicle unsafe. These“Dangers”, “Warnings” and“Cautions” are not exhaustive. General Motorscan not possibly warn of all the potentially hazardous consequencesof your failure to follow these instructions.

This manual covers service procedures to vehicles that areequipped with a Supplemental Inflatable Restraint. Refer to the“Warnings” in Dangers, Warnings and Cautions inSupplemental Inflatable Restraint. Refer to Supplemental InflatableRestraint component and wiring location views in SupplementalInflatable Restraint before performing a service on or aroundSupplemental Inflatable Restraint components or wiring. Failure tofollow these “Dangers”,“Warnings” and “Cautions”could cause air bag deployment, personal injury, or otherwiseunnecessary Supplemental Inflatable Restraint repairs.

In order to help avoid accidental air bag deployment andpersonal injury, whenever you service a vehicle that requiresrepair of the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint and another vehiclesystem, we recommend that you first repair the SupplementalInflatable Restraint, then go on to the other system.

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