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The CD player is capable of playing:

Most audio CDsCD-RCD-RWMP3, unprotected WMA, and AAC formats

When playing any compatible recordable disc, the sound quality may be reduced dueto the disc, the method of recording, the quality of the music recorded, or how thedisc has been handled.

There may be increased skipping and difficulty reading recorded tracks, finding tracks,and/or loading and ejecting. If these problems occur, check the disc for damage ortry a known good disc.

To avoid damage to the CD player:

Do not use scratched or damaged discs.Do not apply labels to discs. The labels could get caught in the player.Insert only one disc at a time.Keep the loading slot free of foreign materials, liquids, and debris.Use a marking pen to label the top of the disc.Loading and Ejecting Discs

To load a disc:

Turn the vehicle on.Insert a disc into the slot, right side up. The player pulls it in the rest of theway. If the disc is damaged or improperly loaded, there is an error and the disc ejects.

The disc automatically plays once loaded.

Press X to eject a disc from the CD player. If the disc is not removed within a short periodof time, it is automatically pulled back into the player.

Playing an Audio CD

CD Player Entertainment Audio-Visual


Press the CD screen button on the Home Page or select CD from the source pop-up to display the CD main page.Press the Menu screen button to display the menu options.Press to select the option.

On the CD main page, the track number displays and the Song, Artist, and Album informationdisplays when available.

Use the following radio controls to play the disc:

k (Play/Pause)

Use to pause or resume play.

r SEEK (Previous/Reverse):

Press to seek to the beginning of the current or previous track. If the track hasbeen playing for less than five-seconds, it seeks to the previous track. If longerthan five-seconds, the current track starts from the beginning.Press and hold to fast reverse through a track. Release the button to return to playingspeed. Elapsed time displays.

SEEK [ (Next/Fast Forward):

Press to seek to the next track.Press and hold to fast forward through a track. Release the button to return to playingspeed. Elapsed time displays.MENU/SEL (Menu/Select)

Turn to the right or left to select the next or previous track. Press this knob toselect from the list. If a track is selected from the menu, the system plays the trackand returns to the CD screen.

Error Messages

If Disc Error displays and/or the disc comes out, it could be due to:

The disc has an invalid or unknown format.The disc is very hot. Try the disc again when the temperature returns to normal.The road is very rough. Try the disc again when the road is smoother.The disc is dirty, scratched, wet, or upside down.The air is very humid. Try the disc again later.There was a problem while burning the disc.The label is caught in the CD player.

If the CD is not playing correctly, try a known good CD.

If any error continues, contact your dealer.

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