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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Brake Pad Inspection Disc Brakes Brake Pads

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Brake Pad Inspection Disc Brakes Brake Pads

Warning:Refer toBrake Dust Warning.

Inspect the disc brake pads at regular intervals, or wheneverthe tire and wheel assemblies are removed from the vehicle.If replacement is necessary, always replace disc brake padsin axle sets.Inspect both edges of the disc brake pad frictionsurfaces-(3). The highest rate of wear normally occursat the trailing edge of the disc brake pads.Inspect the thickness of the disc brake pads-(3)in order to ensure that they have not worn prematurely. The discbrake pad wear should be approximately even per axle set.Both front and rear disc brake pads have integral, audiblewear sensors-(1). When the disc brake pad wear reachesthe minimum allowable thickness, the wear sensor contacts the discbrake rotor-(2). The wear indicator will then produce anaudible, high-pitched warning noise during wheel rotation.Replace the disc brake pads when the frictionsurface-(3) is worn to within 0.76-mm(0.030-in) of the mounting plates.Remove the brake calipers and inspect the friction surfacesof the inner and outer disc brake pads to ensure that they arelevel. Place the disc brake pad friction surfaces together andmeasure the gap between the surfaces. If more than0.13-mm (0.005-in) gap exists midway betweenthe length of the disc brake pads, replace the disc brakepads.Verify that any disc brake pad shims that may be required arein place and not damaged or excessively corroded. Replace anymissing or damaged shims in order to preserve proper disc brakeperformance.Replace the disc brake pads if any have separated from themounting plates.Inspect the disc brake pads friction surfaces for cracks,fractures, or damage which may cause noise or otherwise impair discbrake performance.
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