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See the infotainment manual for more information.

For vehicles equipped with Bluetooth capability, the system can interact with manycell phones, allowing:

Placement and receipt of calls in a hands-free mode.Sharing of the cell phone’s address book or contact list with the vehicle.

To minimize driver distraction, before driving, and with the vehicle parked:

Become familiar with the features of the cell phone. Organize the phone book and contactlists clearly and delete duplicate or rarely used entries. If possible, program speeddial or other shortcuts.Review the controls and operation of the infotainment system.Pair cell phone(s) to the vehicle. The system may not work with all cell phones. See“Pairing” in this section.If the cell phone has voice dialing capability, learn to use that feature to accessthe address book or contact list. See “Voice Pass-Thru” in this section.See “Storing and Deleting Phone Numbers” in this section.

Warning:When using a cell phone, it can be distracting to look too long or too often at thescreen of the phone or the infotainment system. Taking your eyes off the road toolong or too often could cause a crash resulting in injury or death. Focus your attentionon driving.

Vehicles with a Bluetooth system can use a Bluetooth-capable cell phone with a Hands-FreeProfile to make and receive phone calls. The infotainment system and voice recognitionare used to control the system. The system can be used while in ON/RUN or ACC/ACCESSORY.The range of the Bluetooth system can be up to 9.1-m (30-ft). Not all phones supportall functions and not all phones work with the Bluetooth system. See more information about compatible phones.

Bluetooth Controls

Use the buttons located on the infotainment system and the steering wheel to operatethe Bluetooth system.

Steering Wheel Controls

b / g (Push To Talk)

Press to answer incoming calls, confirm system information, and start voice recognition.

> / i (End Call/Mute)

Press to end a call, reject a call, or cancel an operation.

Infotainment System Controls

If equipped, the infotainment system allows certain controls to be selected on theinfotainment display.

For information about how to navigate the menu system using the infotainment controls,seeOperation.

5 or 5 \ - (PHONE/MUTE)

Press to enter the Phone main menu. Press 5 \ - to mute the audio system.

Voice Recognition

The voice recognition system uses commands to control the system and dial phone numbers.


The system may not recognize voice commands if there is too much background noise.

When to Speak

A tone sounds to indicate that the system is ready for a voice command. Wait for thetone and then speak.

How to Speak

Speak clearly in a calm and natural voice.

Audio System

When using the Bluetooth system, sound comes through the vehicle's front audio systemspeakers and overrides the audio system. Use the VOL/ O knob during a call to change the volume level. The adjusted volume level remainsin memory for later calls. The system maintains a minimum volume level.

Other Information

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and any useof such marks by General Motors is under license. Other trademarks and trade namesare those of their respective owners.

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