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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Airbag System

Replacing Seat Belt System Parts after a Crash
Warning A crash can damage the seat belt system in the vehicle. A damaged seat belt system may not properly protect the person using it, resulting in serious injury or even de ...

Airbag System
The vehicle has the following airbags:  A frontal airbag for the driver.  A frontal airbag for the front outboard passenger.  A seat-mounted side impact airbag for the driv ...

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Rear Seat Riser Finish Cover Replacement Seats Rear
Rear Seat Riser Finish Cover ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Rear Seat Riser Finish Cover FastenerProcedurePull outward slightly on the sides while sliding the coverforward to disengage retainers and remove. ...

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