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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: #02-07-30-029U: Product Quality Center (PQC) Assembly Replacement Process - (Jul 16, 2013)

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Subject:Product Quality Center (PQC) Assembly Replacement Process

#02-07-30-029U: Product Quality Center (PQC) Assembly Replacement Process - (Jul 16, 2013)

Models: 2014 and Prior GM Cars and Light Duty Trucks
Equipped with CNG, LPG or Gasoline Engine, Duramax™ Diesel Engine, Automatic or ManualTransmission and/or Transfer Case, Including Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel DriveVehicles

This bulletin has been revised to update the referenced labor operations. Bulletincontent has also been revised to reflect process changes. Please discard CorporateBulletin Number 02-07-30-029T.

Service Agent Notification - Service Department Personnel Responsibility - AssemblyReplacement Authorization

Notice:Service Agents are not required to contact the PQC when REPAIRS are being made tothe engine, transmission or transfer case assembly.


Notice:All Service Agents are still required to contact the PQC for any current restrictionsor exchanges. For more information, see the section in this bulletin titled: PartRestriction and Exchange Programs.


Notice:Service Agents that are required to contact the PQC for engine, transmission and/ortransfer case assembly replacement authorization, will be notified by letter and bytheir Regional Representative.


Notice:This bulletin only applies to Service Agents who are required to contact PQC. ServiceAgents who are not required, may refer to the latest version of bulletin 12-07-30-001for assistance on their replacement process.

Contents:Determining Whether to Call PQCPart Restrictions and Exchange ProgramsCustomer SatisfactionService Agents Working With PCC (U.S. Only)PQC ProcessBefore Calling PQCPQC Authorization Request FormCalling PQCTransaction Submission and Assembly ReturnsSubmitting Engine, Transmission or Transfer Case Transactions into Global WarrantyManagement (GWM)Record RetentionReturning an Assembly to Warranty Parts Center (WPC)Determining Whether to Call PQC

Service Agents can refer to Global Warranty Management (GWM) and select the: “Items Not Allowed” tab under: “Service Agent Profile” then scroll right to view the date in order to determine if the Service Agent isrequired to contact the PQC prior to unit replacement involving the following LaborOperations:

4067470 - Partial Engine Replacement4067490 - Engine Replacement4067510 - Engine Assembly Replacement8464670 - Transmission Replacement8441780 - Transmission Replacement8421160 - Transfer Case Assembly Replacement

If Service Agents have any questions concerning why they are required to call thePQC for assembly replacement authorization they should contact their District ManagerAftersales (DMA), in Canada the District Manager-Customer Care and Service Process(DM-CCSP).

If Service Agents ARE required to contact the PQC, they MUST do so PRIOR to any assembly replacement and BEFORE submitting the above labor operations in GWM.

For more information on the PQC Process, see the section below titled PQC Process.For more information on submitting transactions, see the section below titled TransactionSubmission and Assembly Returns.

Part Restrictions and Exchange Programs

All Service Agents are still required to contact PQC for the following components:

Current parts restriction on the 2011–2013 Allison transmission.Current parts restriction on the 2012–2013 vehicles equipped with Duramax™ dieselengine with RPO LGH or LML.Any component listed in a current parts restriction.A current assembly exchange program.

The service department personnel should review the applicable documents related tothe restriction and be prepared to provide diagnostic information.

Customer Satisfaction

There may be situations where an assembly can be repaired, but due to customer satisfactionreasons an assembly replacement should be considered. In these cases the service departmentpersonnel should review the concern with the District Manager Aftersales (DMA), inCanada the District Manager - Customer Care and Service Process (DM-CCSP).

For Service Agents required to contact the PQC, the service department personnel MUST be prepared to provide diagnostic information as well as a completed repair/replacementestimate portion of the PQC Authorization Request Form. Service Agents required tocontact the PQC, MUST advise the PQC when the DMA, in Canada the DM-CCSP authorizes the replacement ofan engine, transmission ortransfer case assembly for Customer Enthusiasm purposes versus repair.

Service Agents Working With PCC (United States Only)

All Service Agents that are working with the PCC to reimburse Independent ServiceCenters (ISC) must continue to follow the existing PCC processes.

PQC Process

Before Calling PQC

If diagnosis performed by the service department personnel indicates a need for anengine, transmission or transfer case assembly replacement, Service Agents requiredto call PQC must perform the following actions PRIOR to replacement and BEFORE contacting PQC:

Complete the Calibration Verification Number process as outlined in the latest versionof:Corporate Bulletin #08-06-04-006 for Duramax™ Diesel EnginesCorporate Bulletin #09-06-04-026 for Gasoline Engines / TransmissionsFor automatic transmissions only, perform a transmission cooler flush and record thecode.The Condition and Cause including any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), symptoms, ScanTool Snapshots and any other useful information observed and recorded by the technician.The technician must have detailed information required for proper root cause analysisand product concerns correction. This information is very valuable in ensuring thatthe replacement assemblies and current production parts help to continually improveourproducts.Record the serial number of the failed assembly.Complete a PQC Authorization Request Form. For help in locating this form, see thesection below titled PQC Authorization Request Form.Complete the Repair Estimate and Replacement Component Assembly Estimate for the assemblycategory included in the PQC Authorization Request Form. Accurate repair versus replacementcost estimates (include the markups) are ESSENTIAL in order to eliminate a second call to the PQC.Have the repair order number, VIN and your BAC code ready when calling the PQC alongwith a detailed Customer Concern.

We are requesting that ALL service technicians use this opportunity to help GM better understand how and whya given component failed. For GM this is an opportunity to have direct and thoroughfeedback from the technician to provide to Engineering and thus improve the reliabilityand durability of both OEM and Genuine GM Parts assemblies.

PQC Authorization Request Form

The PQC Authorization Request Form includes the following assembly categories:

Gas Engine FormDiesel Engine FormAutomatic Transmission FormManual Transmission FormTransfer Case PTU Form

Each assembly category form has an integrated Repair Estimate and Replacement ComponentAssembly Estimate section.

To access this form in the United States, go to GlobalConnect > Service Workbench> Service Forms > Transmission/Transaxle > select and download either of the two availableforms.To access this form in Canada, go to GlobalConnect > Library > Service > WarrantyAdministration > Warranty Administration Home Page > Column Labeled Warranty Administration> Forms > select and download either of the two available forms.

Calling PQC

Call the PQC at 1-866-654-7654 PRIOR to replacing the assembly.

If the assembly replacement IS NOT authorized then proceed with repair of the assembly. If agreement on repairs cannotbe reached, contact the DMA, in Canada the DM-CCSP for a final review of the case.If the engine, transmission or transfer case assembly replacement IS authorized then proceed with the replacement. Be sure to include the PQC case numberand to record the serial numbers of BOTH the failed component being removed and the replacement component being installed.Further calls to the PQC are not necessary and the Transaction can be submitted whenready.

Once a determination to repair or replace has been made, further calls to the PQCare not necessary.

The transaction can be submitted when ready. Service Agents should not contact PQCto create a Pre-Authorization, as this is no longer part of the PQC Process. For detailson how to submit transactions, see the section titled "Transaction Submission andAssembly Returns" below.

Transaction Submission and Assembly Returns

Submitting Engine, Transmission or Transfer Case Transactions into Global WarrantyManagement (GWM)

Notice:The PQC no longer creates electronic warranty pre-authorizations.

Service Agents notified by their regional representative that they are required tocontact the PQC for assembly replacements should complete the following in order tosubmit engine, transmission or transfer case transactions into GWM:

Scan the completed repair order and attach it to the warranty transaction in GWM.Scan the completed repair/replacement estimate portion of the PQC Authorization RequestForm and attach it to the warranty transaction in GWM.When applicable insert the transmission flush code in the labor operation dependencyfield.Enter the serial number of the new assembly into the: “Serial Number” field which will appear in the: “Parts Section” of the transaction.Enter the serial number of the failed assembly into the: “Comment” field.Route for GM authorization (H route) all engine, transmission or transfer case replacementwarranty transactions.

Record Retention

All Service Agents are required to retain the completed repair/replacement estimateportion of the PQC Authorization Request Form. Attach the worksheet to the repairorder.

On the repair order, document the serial number of BOTH the failed assembly being removed and the replacement assembly being installed andtransmission flush code as applicable.

If applicable, attach the completed Calibration Verification Number (CVN) as applicableto the repair order and place it in the Service Agent vehicle service history file.

Returning an Assembly to the Warranty Parts Center (WPC)

Service Agents may be requested to return the assembly to the Warranty Parts Center(WPC) for inspection. Failure to perform the following procedures may result in adebit for the repair.

When returning an assembly the following MUST be attached to the return shipping container as indicated by the instructions suppliedwith the new assembly:

A legible copy of the repair order containing the serial number of BOTH the failed assembly being returned and the replacement assembly being installed.Document the transmission flush code (as applicable).A completed Calibration Verification Number (as applicable).A completed repair/replacement estimate for the assembly category using the PQC AuthorizationRequest Form.All fluids MUST be drained and proper packaging procedures observed.If an engine assembly is being returned, the oil filter MUST be drained of oil, properly packaged and secured in a plastic bag and attached tothe engine assembly.

GM bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians,NOT a "do-it-yourselfer".  They are written to inform thesetechnicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or toprovide information that could assist in the proper service of avehicle.  Properly trained technicians have the equipment,tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do a job properly andsafely.  If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that thebulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will havethat condition.  See your GM dealer for information on whetheryour vehicle may benefit from the information.

#02-07-30-029U: Product Quality Center (PQC) Assembly Replacement Process - (Jul 16, 2013)


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