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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Window Retention Warning

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Glass & Windows / Window Retention Warning

Warning:When replacing stationary windows, use Urethane Adhesive KitGM P/N-12346392 (Canadian P/N-10952983), or aurethane adhesive system meeting GM Specification GM3651G, tomaintain original installation integrity. Failure to use theurethane adhesive kit will result in poor retention of the windowwhich may allow unrestrained occupants to be ejected from thevehicle resulting in personal injury.

Cracked Window Warning
Warning:If a window is cracked but still intact, crisscross thewindow with masking tape in order to reduce the risk of damage orpersonal injury. ...

Windshield Side Garnish Molding Replacement Windshield
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