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Tire and Wheel Inspection

The tires on all new production models have a tireperformance criteria (TPC) rating number molded on the sidewall.The TPC rating will appear as a 4-digit number preceded by theletters TPC-SPEC on the tire wall near the tire size. Areplacement tire should have the same TPC rating.

Tire Wear

Tire and Wheel Inspection

(2)Incorrect Alignment/Lack ofRotation
(3)Incorrect Alignment/Non-uniformTire
(4)Heavy Acceleration/Overinflation
(5)Wear Indicator

Inspect the tire and wheel assemblies for the followingconditions:

Unusual wear such as cupping, flat spots, and/or heel-and-toewear

These conditions can cause tire growl, tire howl, slappingnoises, and/or vibrations throughout the vehicle.

Proper inflation to specifications for the vehicleBulges in the sidewalls

Do not confuse bulges, which are an abnormal condition, withnormal ply splices which are commonly seen as indentations in thesidewall.

Bent rim flanges
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