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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Special Tools Wheels


Tool Number/ Description

Special Tools Wheels



Rotor Resurfacing kit

Not used in Europe

Special Tools Wheels



Wheel Hub Resurfacing Kit

Not used in Europe

Tires and Wheels Description and Operation (Tire Identification) Wheels
IdentificationAccessory and warranty replacement must use TPC spectires.An outboard orientation stripe is added to the tread surface,with an offset toward the outboard tire face.All GM approved tires ...

Special Tools Wheels
IllustrationTool Number/ DescriptionCH-48894Wheel Drive Shaft Clamping PliersJ-2619-01Slide HammerJ-24319-BSteering Linkage and Tie Rod PullerJ-35910Drive Axle Seal Clamp PliersJ-42129DT-50188CH-49400 ...

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