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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Special Tools


Tool Number/ Description

Special Tools



Tire Pressure Monitor Diagnostic Tool

Special Tools



Europe– Use recommended equivalent workshopequipment

SPS Programming Support Tool

Special Tools
IllustrationTool Number/ DescriptionEL-43241Keyless Entry Tester ...

Special Tools
IllustrationTool Number / DescriptionEL-25070EL-38125-5AEL-38125-5J-38125-5AHeat Gun 500–700 FEL-35616KM-609Tyco Electronic Tool (5–1579007–3)Terminal Test Probe KitEL-35616-200KM-J-34142–BTes ...

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Front Floor Front Console Accessory Trim Bezel Replacement Consoles Center Console
Front Floor Front Console Accessory Trim Bezel ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Front Floor Front Console Accessory Trim BezelProcedureUse a flat bladed plastic trim tool in order to release the tabs securing the trimbezel to the front floor console accessory trim plate. ...

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