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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Roof Rack System Storage and Pockets

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Warning:If something is carried on top of the vehicle that is longeror wider than the roof rack-—-likepaneling, plywood, or amattress-—-the wind can catch itwhile the vehicle is being driven. The item being carried could beviolently torn off, and this could cause a collision and damage thevehicle. Never carry something longer or wider than the roof rackon top of the vehicle unless using a GM certified accessorycarrier.

If equipped, the vehicle has a roof rack. For roof racks that do not have crossrailsincluded, GM certified crossrails can be purchased as an accessory. See your dealerfor additional information.

Caution:Loading cargo on the roof rack that weighs more than 100-kg (220-lb) or hangs overthe rear or sides of the vehicle may damage the vehicle. Load cargo so that it restsevenly between the crossrails, making sure to fasten cargo securely.

To prevent damage or loss of cargo when driving, check to make sure crossrails andcargo are securely fastened. Loading cargo on the roof rack will make the vehicle'scenter of gravity higher. Avoid high speeds, sudden starts, sharp turns, sudden braking,or abrupt maneuvers; otherwise it may result in loss of control. If driving for along distance, on rough roads, or at high speeds, occasionally stop the vehicle tomake sure the cargoremains in its place. Do not exceed the maximum vehicle capacity when loading thevehicle. For more information on vehicle capacity and loading, seeVehicle Load Limits.

Roof Rack System Storage and Pockets

The roof rack crossrails can be locked in four positions along the roof rack siderails. These are the only positions that the crossrails will lock.

Roof Rack System Storage and Pockets

Lift the lever to release and move the crossrail.

Position the crossrail on both sides of the vehicle at the same time.

Roof Rack System Storage and Pockets

Push the lever down to completely engage into the side rail holes. If the lever isnot tight, then the crossrail is not engaged in a side rail hole.

Slide the crossrails back and forth until the lock pins engage in the holes and aclick is heard as the pins align and the crossrail locks.

Try sliding the crossrails forward and backward to ensure that they are correctlysecured and that the levers stay tight to the crossrails.

Do not stand on the plastic lower body panels when loading cargo on the roof rack.

When the roof rack is not in use, lock one crossrail at the furthest forward positionand lock the other crossrail at the furthest rearward position to reduce wind noise.

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