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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Power Windows Description and Operation Side Windows

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Glass & Windows / Power Windows Description and Operation Side Windows

Power Windows System Components

The power window system consists of the following components:

Driver window switchPassenger window switchLeft rear window switchRight rear window switchWindow motors in each of the doors30A FuseBody control module (BCM)K9Body Control ModuleS79RRWindow Switch - Right RearS79LRWindow Switch - Left RearS79PWindow Switch - PassengerS79DWindow Switch - DriverM74DWindow Motor - DriverM74PWindow Motor - PassengerM74LRWindow Motor - Left RearM74RRWindow Motor - Right Rear

Driver, Passenger, Left Rear, Right Rear Power Window Motors

For the driver, passenger, right rear and left rear doors, when their window switchis pressed in the down position, battery positive voltage is applied to their respectivewindow motor control circuit and ground to the other window motor control circuitcausing that window to open. When the individual window switch is pulled in the upposition, voltage and ground is applied to the window motor in the opposite directioncausing that windowto close. The return path to ground is supplied through the inactive control circuitbeing normally grounded through the window switch.

Each window switch communicates to the BCM by a serial data circuit. When the driverwishes to control the passenger, left rear or right rear window, the driver will usethe appropriate switch on the driver window switch. When this switch is used, a serialdata message is sent to the BCM requesting a window motor command, the BCM will thensend a serial data message to the appropriate door window switch which will then commandthat windowto move in the direction requested.

Lockout Switch Feature

The driver power window switch contains a window lockout switch, when the driver pressesthe window lockout switch, a serial data message is sent to the BCM which will senda disable command to the rear window switches, deactivating them. The rear windowswill still function normally from the switches on the driver window switch.

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