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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: OnStar

Infotainment System
If the vehicle is equipped with a navigation system as part of the infotainment system, use of the system may result in the storage of destinations, addresses, telephone numbers, and other trip i ...

OnStar Overview
Voice Command Button Blue OnStar Button Red Emergency Button This vehicle may be equipped with a comprehensive, in-vehicle system that can connect to an OnStar Advisor for Emergency, Secu ...

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Secondary Timing Chain Guide Installation - Left Side Valvetrain Valvetrain Timing Timing Belt/Chain
Ensure that the left secondary camshaft drive chainguide-(2) is being installed.Position the left secondary camshaft drive chainguide.Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.Install the secondary camshaft drive chain guide bolts andtighten to25-Y(18-lb-ft). ...

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