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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Liftgate Upper Weatherstrip Replacement Panels

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Liftgate Upper Weatherstrip Replacement Panels

Liftgate Upper Weatherstrip Replacement


Component Name


Liftgate Upper Weatherstrip

ProcedureClean the area where the liftgate upper weatherstrip will bemounted. Use a suitable solvent with a mixture to50-percent isopropyl alcohol and 50-percentwater by volume, or high-flash naptha.Apply thumb pressure to the liftgate upper weatherstrip toensure the weatherstrip is fully seated into the retainer.
Liftgate Strut Replacement Panels
Liftgate Strut ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Liftgate Strut RodWarning:When a lift gate hold open device is being removed orinstalled, provide alternate support to avoid the possibility ofdamage to ...

Liftgate Weatherstrip Replacement Panels
Liftgate Weatherstrip ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Liftgate WeatherstripProcedureClean the area where the seal will be mounted. Use a suitablesolvent with a mixture of 50-percent isopropyl alcohol ...

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