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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Infotainment

Base radio information is included in this manual. See the infotainment manual for information on other available infotainment systems.

Read the following pages to become familiar with the features.

Warning Taking your eyes off the road for too long or too often while using any infotainment feature can cause a crash. You or others could be injured or killed. Do not give extended attention to infotainment tasks while driving.

Limit your glances at the vehicle displays and focus your attention on driving. Use voice commands whenever possible.

The infotainment system has built-in features intended to help avoid distraction by disabling some functions when driving. These functions may gray out when they are unavailable. Many infotainment features are also available through the instrument cluster and steering wheel controls.

Before driving:

See Defensive Driving.

To play the infotainment system with the ignition off, see Retained Accessory Power (RAP).


Theft-Deterrent Feature
The infotainment system has an electronic security system installed to prevent theft. The infotainment system only works in the vehicle in which it was first installed, and cannot be used in a ...

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