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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Crankcase Ventilation System Inspection/Diagnosis Emissions PCV

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Crankcase Ventilation System Inspection/Diagnosis Emissions PCV

Crankcase Ventilation (CV) System InspectionTest for vacuum at the vacuum hose where it connects to thecrankcase ventilation housing. There should be manifold vacuumpresent at the hose. If there is no vacuum, inspect for a pluggedhose, leaking hose or a plugged vent adapter.Plug the end of the vacuum hose while the engine is running.Inspect the hose for any areas that collapse when the end of thehose is blocked. Replace the hose if it collapses whenblocked.If oil has accumulated in the intake air duct, inspect forthe following conditions:Plugged vacuum orifice in the crankcase ventilationhousingPlugged or restricted crankcase ventilation housingExcessive crankcase pressure or blow-by, refer toOil Consumption Diagnosis.Additional items to inspect:Plugged or leaking fresh air vent hose assembly or ventadapterPlugged or restricted passages in the throttle bodyMissing or damaged O-ring seals on the vent adapterInspect the cam covers, the oil pan gasket, and other sealingareas for leaksResults of Incorrect Operation

A plugged crankcase ventilation housing or hose maycontribute to the following conditions:

A rough idleStalling or a slow idle speedOil leaksOil accumulation in the intake air ductSludge in the engine

A leaking housing or hose may contribute to the followingconditions:

A rough idleStallingUnstable idle speed
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