Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Cleaning Solvent Warning

Warning:Bodily injury may occur if the cleaning solvent is inhaled orexposed to the skin.

Moving Parts and Hot Surfaces Warning
Warning:Avoid contact with moving parts and hot surfaces whileworking around a running engine in order to prevent physicalinjury. ...

Filling a Portable Fuel Container
Warning:Filling a portable fuel container while it is in the vehicle can cause fuel vaporsthat can ignite either by static electricity or other means. You or others could bebadly burned and the vehicl ...

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Valve Rocker Arm Cleaning and Inspection Valvetrain Valve Actuating Assembly Rocker Arms
Inspect the camshaft follower roller-(1) for thefollowing:Flat spotsExcessive scoring and pittingEnsure the roller spins freelyInspect the camshaft follower valve tiparea-(2).Inspect the camshaft follower stationary hydraulic lashadjuster (SHLA) pivot area-(3).Replace the camshaft follower or follow ...

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