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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Auxiliary Devices

Using the Auxiliary Input Jack

Settings menus and functions may vary depending on vehicle options.

The auxiliary input jack can be used to connect external audio devices such as an iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, and other supported devices for use as another source for audio listening. This input jack is not an audio output; do not plug headphones into the front auxiliary input jack.

The auxiliary input jack is on the center stack. The infotainment system can play music connected by the auxiliary device.

Play will begin when the system has finished reading the information on the device.

Playing Music

To play music from the device, if the device is already connected:

  1.  Press .
  2.  Touch AUDIO.
  3.  Touch Source.
  4.  Touch AUX.
  5.  Touch.

To adjust the tone settings, see "Tone Settings" in Operation.

USB Port
Using the USB Port The infotainment system can play music by connecting an auxiliary device to the USB port. USB Support If equipped, there are USB ports on the center stack and inside the ce ...


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