Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Assistant Driving Warning

Warning:An assistant should drive the vehicle while the technicianchecks for the location of the reported condition. Otherwise,personal injury could result.

Protective Goggles and Glove Warning
Warning:Always wear protective goggles and gloves when removingexhaust parts as falling rust and sharp edges from worn exhaustcomponents could result in serious personal injury. ...

Eye Protection Warning
Warning:Approved safety glasses and gloves should be worn whenperforming this procedure to reduce the chance of personalinjury. ...

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Intake Manifold Installation Intake and Forced Induction Intake Manifold
Install the NEW intake manifold gasket-(1).Install the intake manifold assembly-(2).Install the intake manifold bolts-(1).Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.Tighten the intake manifold bolts in the sequenceshown.Tighten the intake manifold bolts in sequence to25-Y(18-lb-ft).Tighten the intake manifold ...

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