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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Air Conditioning O-Ring Seal Replacement

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / HVAC / Cooling / Air Conditioning O-Ring Seal Replacement

Removal Procedure

Air Conditioning O-Ring Seal Replacement

Disassemble the A/C refrigerant components. Refer to theappropriate repair procedureFor compression style fittings use a back up wrench on thefitting (2) and loosen the fitting nut (1).For banjo style fittings remove the bolt retaining the banjotype fitting.Remove the O-ring seal from the A/C refrigerantcomponent.Inspect the O-ring seal for signs of damage to help determinethe root cause of the failure.Inspect the A/C refrigerant components for damage or burrs.Repair if necessary.

Note:Cap or tape the open A/C refrigerant components immediatelyto prevent system contamination.

Cap or tape the A/C refrigerant components.Discard the O-ring seal.Installation ProcedureInspect the new O-ring seal for any sign or cracks, cuts, ordamage. Replace if necessary.Remove the cap or tape from the A/C refrigerantcomponents.Using a lint-free clean, dry cloth, carefully clean thesealing surfaces of the A/C refrigerant components.

Note:DO NOT allow any of the mineral base 525-viscosityrefrigerant oil on the new O-ring seal to enter the refrigerantsystem.

Lightly coat the new O-ring seal with mineral base525-viscosity refrigerant oil.

Note:DO NOT reuse O-ring seals.

Carefully slide the new O-ring seal onto the A/C refrigerantcomponent.

Air Conditioning O-Ring Seal Replacement

The O-ring seal must be fully seated.

Air Conditioning O-Ring Seal Replacement

Assemble the A/C components.

Refer to the appropriate repair procedure.

For compression style fittings use a back up wrench on thefitting (2) and tighten the fitting nut (1) tospecification.For banjo style fittings install the bolt retaining the banjotype fitting and tighten to specification.
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