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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: What Fuel to Use in Canada

Use of diesel fuel with ultra low sulfur content (15 ppm, maximum) is required. Use diesel fuel that meets the CAN/CGSB-3.517 specification in Canada. Contact a fuel supplier with questions about fuel.

Caution Use of diesel fuel other than Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (15 ppm sulfur maximum) will cause damage to the exhaust after-treatment system. This damage would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Do not use marine, locomotive, or boiler distillate fuel since it may contain higher sulfur levels.

Diesel Fuel Types

For best results use Ultra Low Sulfur Type B Diesel. This fuel is blended for seasonal changes. In extreme cold temperatures (below -18 C orF) Ultra Low Sulfur Type A Diesel fuel can be used, but it may cause power and fuel economy losses. Avoid using Type A Diesel fuel in warm or hot climates. Doing so can result in stalling, poor starting when the engine is hot, and damage to the fuel injection system.

Premium Diesel Fuel

If available, premium diesel fuel (FQP-1A) corresponding to the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) Recommended Guideline could provide better starting and vehicle performance with less noise.

Biodiesel Blends in Canada

Biodiesel blends that meet the CAN/ CGSB-3.522 specifications up to 20% (B20) can be used. Avoid the use of biodiesel blends above 20%, as they may damage the engine and fuel system. For detailed information on the use of biodiesel, see "Biodiesel" following.

What Fuel to Use in Canada and Mexico (Diesel)

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