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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Tow/Haul Mode Description and Operation Automatic Transmission Unit

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Tow/Haul Mode Description and Operation Automatic Transmission Unit

Tow/haul mode is a function within the vehicle'ssoftware/calibration that optimizes transmission gear selection foroperation during towing or with heavy loads. This optimizationincludes improving acceleration performance during launches,reducing shift busyness, assisting brake performance and speedcontrol during engine braking situations, and improving vehiclespeed control while requiring less throttle pedal activity.

In general, tow/haul mode maintains lower gears longer andincreases shift pressures. It is designed to be most effective whenthe vehicle and trailer combined weight is at least 75% of thevehicle's Gross Combined Weight Rating-(GCWR). Operationof tow/haul in a lightly loaded or non-loaded vehiclewill not cause damage. However, there is no benefit to theselection of tow/haul when the vehicle is unloaded, and use oftow/haul mode during unloaded driving conditions will decrease fueleconomy and may generate shift feel concerns.

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