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Universal Remote System Programming

If equipped, these buttons are in the overhead console.

This system can replace up to three remote control transmitters used to activate devicessuch as garage door openers, security systems, and home automation devices. Theseinstructions refer to a garage door opener, but can be used for other devices.

Do not use the Universal Remote system with any garage door opener that does not havethe stop and reverse feature. This includes any garage door opener model manufacturedbefore April 1, 1982.

Read these instructions completely before programming the Universal Remote system.It may help to have another person assist with the programming process.

Keep the original hand-held transmitter for use in other vehicles as well as for futureprogramming. Erase the programming when vehicle ownership is terminated. See “ErasingUniversal Remote System Buttons” later in this section.

To program a garage door opener, park outside directly in line with and facing thegarage door opener receiver. Clear all people and objects near the garage door.

Make sure the hand-held transmitter has a new battery for quick and accurate transmissionof the radio-frequency signal.

Programming the Universal Remote System

For questions or help programming the Universal Remote system, call 1-800-355-3515or see

Programming involves time-sensitive actions, and may time out causing the procedureto be repeated.

To program up to three devices:

Hold the end of the hand-held transmitter about 3 to 8 cm (1 to 3 in) away from theUniversal Remote system buttons with the indicator light in view. The hand-held transmitterwas supplied by the manufacturer of the garage door opener receiver.At the same time, press and hold both the hand-held transmitter button and one ofthe three Universal Remote system buttons to be used to operate the garage door. Donot release either button until the indicator light changes from a slow to a rapidflash. Then release both buttons.

Some garage door openers may require substitution of Step 2 with the procedure under“Radio Signals for Canada and Some Gate Operators” laterin this section.

Press and hold the newly programmed Universal Remote system button for five secondswhile watching the indicator light and garage door activation.If the indicator light stays on continuously or the garage door moves when the buttonis pressed, then programming is complete. There is no need to complete Steps 4–6.If the indicator light does not come on or the garage door does not move, a secondbutton press may be required. For a second time, press and hold the newly programmedbutton for five seconds. If the light stays on or the garage door moves, programmingis complete.If the indicator light blinks rapidly for two seconds, then changes to a solid lightand the garage door does not move, continue with programming Steps 4–6.Learn or Smart Button

Universal Remote System Programming

After completing Steps 1–3 , locate the Learn or Smart button inside garage on thegarage door opener receiver. The name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer.Press and release the Learn or Smart button. Step 6 must be completed within 30 secondsof pressing this button.Inside the vehicle, press and hold the newly programmed Universal Remote system buttonfor two seconds and then release it. If the garage door does not move or the lampon the garage door opener receiver does not flash, press and hold the same buttona second time for two seconds, then release it. Again, if the door does not move orthe garage door lamp does not flash, press and hold the same button a third time fortwo seconds,then release it.

The Universal Remote system should now activate the garage door.

Repeat the process for programming the two remaining buttons.

Radio Signals for Canada and Some Gate Operators

For questions or programming help call 1-800-355-3515 or see

Canadian radio-frequency laws and some U.S. gate operators require transmitter signalsto time out or quit after several seconds of transmission. This may not be long enoughfor the Universal Remote system to pick up the signal during programming.

If the programming did not work, replace Step 2 under “Programming the Universal RemoteSystem” with the following:

Press and hold the Universal Remote system button while pressing and releasing thehand-held transmitter button every two seconds until the signal has been successfullyaccepted by the Universal Remote system. The Universal Remote system indicator lightwill flash slowly at first and then rapidly. Proceed with Step 3 under “Programmingthe Universal Remote System” to complete.

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