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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Trailer Towing

Before pulling a trailer, there are three important considerations that have to dowith weight:

The weight of the trailerThe weight of the trailer tongueThe total weight on the vehicle's tiresWeight of the Trailer

How heavy can a trailer safely be-

Speed, altitude, road grades, outside temperature, special equipment, and the amountof tongue weight the vehicle can carry must be considered. See “Weight of the TrailerTongue” later in this section.

Maximum trailer weight is calculated assuming only the driver is in the tow vehicleand it has all the required trailering equipment. The weight of additional optionalequipment, passengers and cargo in the tow vehicle must be subtracted from the maximumtrailer weight.

Use the following chart to determine how much the vehicle can weigh, based upon thevehicle model and options.


Maximum Trailer Weight with Trailer Brakes†


2.4L L4 Engine, FWD

680-kg (1,500-lbs)

2-625-kg (5,787-lbs)

2.4L L4 Engine, AWD

680-kg (1,500-lbs)

2-700-kg (5,952-lbs)

3.6L V6 Engine, FWD

1-588-kg (3,500-lbs)

3-600-kg (7,937-lbs)

3.6L V6 Engine, AWD

1-588-kg (3,500-lbs)

3-700-kg (8,157-lbs)

† For trailers without trailer brakes the maximum trailer weight is 454-kg (1,000-lbs).SeeTowing Equipment.

*The Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) is the total allowable weight of the completelyloaded vehicle and trailer including any passengers, cargo, equipment and conversions.The GCWR for the vehicle should not be exceeded.

Ask your dealer for our trailering information or advice.

Weight of the Trailer Tongue

The tongue load-(1) of any trailer is an important weight to measure because it affectsthe total gross weight of the vehicle. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) includes thecurb weight of the vehicle, any cargo carried in it, and the people who will be ridingin the vehicle. If there are a lot of options, equipment, passengers or cargo in thevehicle, it will reduce the tongue weight the vehicle can carry, which will also reducethe trailer weight the vehicle can tow. If towing a trailer, the tongue load mustbe added to the GVW because the vehicle will be carrying that weight, too. SeeVehicle Load Limits.

Trailer Towing

If a weight-carrying hitch or a weight-distributing hitch is being used, the trailertongue-(1) should weigh 10 to 15-percent of the total loaded trailer weight-(2).

After loading the trailer, weigh the trailer and then the tongue, separately, to seeif the weights are proper. If they are not, adjustments might be made by moving someitems around in the trailer.

Trailering may be limited by the vehicle's ability to carry tongue weight. Tongueweight cannot cause the vehicle to exceed the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) orthe RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating). The effect of additional weight may reducethe trailering capacity more than the total of the additional weight.

It is important that the vehicle does not exceed any of its ratings — GCWR, GVWR,RGAWR, Maximum Trailer Rating or Tongue Weight. The only way to be sure it is notexceeding any of these ratings is to weigh the vehicle and trailer.

Total Weight on the Vehicle's Tires

Inflate the vehicle's tires to the upper limit for cold tires. These numbers can befound on the Certification label or seeVehicle Load Limitsfor more information. Do not go over the GVW limit for the vehicle, or the GAWR,including the weight of the trailer tongue. If using a weight distributing hitch,do not go over the rear axle limit before applying the weight distribution springbars.

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