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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Tire and Wheel Balancing (Collet Cone Selection) Wheels

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Wheels/Tires / Tire and Wheel Balancing (Collet Cone Selection) Wheels

Important:Never use the hub cap bore to center the wheel onto thebalancer. The pilot bore (on the hub side of the wheel) is machinedto be concentric to very tight non - standard tolerances. Thebottom cap bore is not machined to this same degree ofprecision.

Accurate machine mounting is critical for achieving accurateRFV readings and proper balance.Flange plate mounting MUST be used for plastic clad wheels.Select the flange plate with the correct pins and set the pins tothe correct hold circle.Mounting surface of the wheel must be clean and free of dirt,corrosion, burrs, paint, etc.A centering check must be performed any time a new wheel /collet configuration is set - up on the machine.

Hunter Equipment: Collet Selection

Select the appropriate collet. If using a Hunter Equipmentwith GM software, it will provide the color collet which should beused.

Other Tire Mounting Equipment: Cone SelectionHunter's collets will work on other manufacturer's equipment– at least on ones with the same shaft diameter. Theseshould be used if at all possible. Other manufacturers may also beproducing similar collets.GM Wheels are designed for back coning ONLY. Use the sizecone that contacts the center bore of the wheel nearest the centerof the cone. Be sure the cone does not bottom out.A cone should be used to achieve the best centering on themachine.If the best fit cone sits deep within the center bore, thiscan reduce the center spring's push against the center cone andcompromise centering. When this occurs, position the spacer washerbetween the pressure spring and the cone.
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