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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Special Tools TPMS


Tool Number/Description

Special Tools TPMS


Tire Pressure Monitor Diagnostic Tool

Special Tools TPMS



Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Activation Tool

Special Tools Wheels
IllustrationTool Number/ DescriptionCH-48894Wheel Drive Shaft Clamping PliersJ-2619-01Slide HammerJ-24319-BSteering Linkage and Tie Rod PullerJ-35910Drive Axle Seal Clamp PliersJ-42129DT-50188CH-49400 ...

Tire Dismounting and Mounting (Lubricant) Wheels
Important:Lubricant should be applied to form a thin, just visiblelayer, on the bead foot and bead outer areas. There should not beany visible clumps of lubricant.Never use soap or any lubricant net s ...

Other materials:

Engine Flywheel Cleaning and Inspection Flywheel/Flexplate
Cleaning ProcedureClean the flex plate in solvent.Warning:Refer toSafety Glasses Warning.Dry the flex plate with compressed air.Inspection Procedure...__=Inspect the flex plate for the following conditions:Stress cracks around the flex plate-to-torque converter mounting bolt hole locations-(1)and/or ...

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