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Using Snapshots in Global Diagnostic System (GDS)


A snapshot is a recording of what a control module on the vehicle was receiving forinformation while the snapshot is being made. A snapshot may be used to analyze thedata during the time a vehicle condition is current. This allows you to concentrateon making the condition occur, rather than trying to view all the data in anticipationof the fault. In GDS 2, snapshots are automatically recorded whenever the user viewsModule Diagnostics,Vehicle Diagnostics and/or Systems Diagnostics. Module Diagnostics includes DTC Data,Identification Information, Data Display, Control Functions and Configuration/ResetFunctions. Vehicle Diagnostics includes Vehicle Wide DTCs. Systems Diagnostics includesInspection/Maintenance Status and Inspection/Maintenance Information.

Snapshot Replay

The Snapshot Replay function allows reviews of previously recorded vehicle snapshotdata. This information can be used in analysis of vehicle problems and detection oftrigger error conditions. The graph function can be used to compare parameters tosee if a component is functioning properly. Recorded snapshots can be selected forviewing by the following two methods:

From the Home Page, click on Review Stored Data. In the Snapshot Select Page, highlightthe vehicle in the upper pane and highlight the desired snapshot in the lower pane,then click the Select Snapshot button.The user can view a snapshot without ending a current on-vehicle diagnostic sessionby clicking the Module button (when active) or Back button until the Session Manageris displayed in the menu. This is used when a user is viewing live data and wantsthe quickest way to review the data. Click on the Session Manager button. Highlightthe desired snapshot in the lower pane and click Select Snapshot

View Selections

The following information can be selected in the tabs at the top of the screen:

Line Graph – Displays information from the snapshot file in graph view. The currentvalue of the parameters is displayed on the screen. Use the buttons on the rightside to modify the graph data.Diagnostic Data Display – Displays incoming information from the snapshot file. Thecurrent value of the parameters is displayed on the screen. Use the buttons on theright side to modify the data.DTC Display – This tab will be displayed when a DTC is current or the status has changed.The tab will not be displayed when there are no DTCs.Bookmarks – If bookmarks are present, this displays the Type, Description and Timeof automatic and manually generated bookmarks.System Information – Displays the GDS 2 Software Version and MDI Serial Number usedwhen the snapshot was recorded.Selected Vehicle Configuration – Displays vehicle options information.

Snapshot Replay Functions

To review the snapshot there are buttons at the bottom of the window to control thecursor. From left to right the buttons are:

Return to Frame 0 – This button returns the cursor to frame 0.Stop – This button pauses or stops the cursor. Click the Play button to resume.Play – This button starts the replay of the data.Play Speed – This button changes the speed between 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x.Back 1 Frame – This button moves the cursor back 1 frame.Forward 1 Frame – This button moves the cursor forward 1 frame.Previous Bookmark – This button moves the cursor to the previous bookmark.Next Bookmark – This button moves the cursor forward 1 bookmark.
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