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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Satellite Radio

If equipped, vehicles with a SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner and a valid SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription can receive SiriusXM programming.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Service

SiriusXM is a satellite radio service based in the 48 contiguous United States and 10 Canadian provinces.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio has a wide variety of programming and commercial-free music, coast to coast, and in digital-quality sound.

During your trial or when you subscribe, you will get unlimited access to SiriusXM Radio Online for when you are not in the vehicle.

A service fee is required to receive the SiriusXM service. If SiriusXM service needs to be reactivated, the radio will display "No Subscription Please Renew" on channel SXM1.

For more information, contact SiriusXM at or 1-888-601-6296 (U.S.), and or 1-877-438-9677 (Canada).

Listening to SiriusXM Radio

  1.  Press .
  2.  Touch AUDIO.
  3.  Touch Source.
  4.  Touch SXM and the most recent listened to SiriusXM channel will display.

Selecting a Category

From Menu, touch Categories, then touch the desired category or from Categories, touch or to find the desired channel. Touch the channel to select it.

Selecting a Channel

Press or to seek the previous or next channel.

Using the Presets

Up to five favorites pages can be saved, and each page can store up to five channels.

To change a preset, tune to the new desired channel, then touch and hold the preset.

Listening to Preset Channels

  1.  Touch or repeatedly to select the desired favorites page.
  2.  Touch the preset to listen to the channel.

Using the SiriusXM Menu


  1.  Touch MENU on the SXM radio screen.
  2.  Touch the menu to select the desired item or to display the detail menu item.
  3.  Touchto return to the previous menu.

Channel List

  1.  Touch Channel List from the SXM menu. The channel list is displayed.
  2.  Touch or to find the desired channel. Touch the channel to select it.

Tone Settings

  1.  Touch Tone Settings. See "Tone Settings" under Operation.
  2.  Touch.

Auto Volume

  1.  Touch Auto Volume. See "Auto Volume" under Operation.
  2.  Touch.


  1.  Touch Categories.
  2.  Touch or to find the desired category. Touch the category to select it.

Explicit Content Filter

When on, only a filtered list of channels will be received. When off, all regular SXM programming subscribed to will be received.

  1.  Touch SXM Explicit Filter.
  2.  Select to enable or disable.
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